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Opportunities in the Utilities Industry

  • August 21, 2023

Historically, in tough economic times the utility industry has always fared better than other industries. Why is that?

Well, our aged infrastructure in the UK requires constant investment to maintain, upgrade, expand and adapt it fit for purpose for the 21 Century.

New technologies are constantly being developed and implemented to match our aspirations to tackle climate change and our pledge to reach "net zero" by 2050.

The shift of power generation away from traditional fossil fuels to nuclear, bioenergy, wind, solar, tidal and pumped power generation and all these new sources must be connected back into our National Grid which in turn needs upgrading.

On a more local level there is a rapid deployment of new technologies to install air or ground heat source pumps to domestic homes, battery storage, electric vehicle charge point installations to domestic and commercial properties: car parks, offices, supermarkets.     

The utilities industry is responding to world challenges: climate change, decarbonisation, electrification and what we require from our utilities infrastructure is changing.

This provides unrivalled long-term opportunities for employment and career progression within the utility industry and great career paths for those pursuing either academic qualifications, or vocational qualifications at all levels to develop their careers into senior positions and make a difference.