Sisko Group

About Us

Sisko Group is a suite of people businesses designed to meet any workforce challenge. We produce the people you need for your business to thrive – even if that means creating the talent if there is none available in your market.

Benefits of working with us

  • We provide bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs and challenges, not a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • We have the ability to manage the whole life cycle of workforce solutions, including initial training and onboarding if required. Our training solutions include upskilling existing talent and hiring and training a new workforce from scratch if needed.
  • We provide industry-leading training and development for our people with a real commitment to their long-term career goals and an ambition for single figure attrition. This ensures quality and consistency in the solutions and services we provide.
  • Our leadership team are seasoned professionals from solutions, recruitment and the sectors we serve, enabling us to apply a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to your workforce challenges.


Our values

The Group’s values focus on people and quality.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive and supportive atmosphere for those in our offices and individuals working in our labour teams nationally.

We also strive to deliver what we say we will to the high standards we commit to. We do not over promise and under-deliver and will not embark on initiatives that are not within our ability to achieve.

Our values establish the environment we work in and how we engage with others.


Accreditations & Memberships 

Our commitment to excellence is recognised by the industry and we are proud to showcase our achievements through these accreditations and memberships. 


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