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At Sisko Solutions we are specialists in the design and delivery of bespoke workforce and labour supply solutions. We represent a unique concept in workforce partnership encompassing bespoke services and enhanced delivery through engaged partnered solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

At Sisko Solutions ‘your workforce partner’ really does mean that. We will partner with you to identify your most critical workforce and labour challenges and develop bespoke solutions to resolve them. Our aim is simply to deliver against any reasonable workforce request. We achieve this by treating each client’s requirements as a unique challenge. We will happily develop new solutions where our existing suite does not cover your specific need. Put simply, our solutions are designed for our clients rather than our clients identified to fit our solutions.

Our solutions reduce cost, risk and time commitment for clients, and increase the quality of the workforce. We provide a professional, personal service via transparent relationships, always keeping our clients fully informed and working in partnership to ensure success.

Our current workforce solutions include:

  • Full lifecycle workforce solutions
  • Recruitment + and sub-contract labour
  • Contingent labour supply
  • Recruitment search and selection
  • Direct hire staffing projects
  • Bottleneck identification and solution development
  • Training, upskilling and refocusing
  • Onboarding and deployment management
  • Market reports, advice and strategy development
  • Field support
  • Logistics support
  • Payroll and outsourcing solutions
  • Career development and attrition management support

In addition to our expertise in tailor-made workforce solutions, we also provide contingency recruitment services by identifying and securing exceptional candidates to promptly fulfill your staffing requirements. 


Our workforce solutions adapt to fit many sectors. We currently operate primarily within field installation and management across the following core sectors.

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